Who’s V Anyway?!

Just like reading a book every story has an introduction. People are the same way, each of us have our own intro and story. My story is pretty simple. I was born in a big city and moved to Galveston island at the age of 13. From that move I actually got into a bit of trouble. Wanting to get away and move back to what I thought was home, after graduation high school I realized that my home was in fact the Island.I grew up with friends that I would not trade for the world. Having moved back into the city and starting college I realized that Having too much fun catches up to you fast. When I was 19 I starting going
img_1606-1 to bars and getting drunk, and I thought that I was on top of the world and nothing could stop me.So, I continued to do what I was doing till I turned 21. About two months after my 21st birthday my life took a dramatic turn. I went out with a friend and took a drink from someone I did not know (I NEVER do that.) and I after that drink… The next thing I can tell you (that I can remember) is waking up to a knocking on my car window. (I hit a pole, and it should have come down onto me. I should not have made it out alive.) A cop was getting me out of my car and into handcuffs. I was in jail until I was able to get out on bail. In the end I had a year of probation and community service hours. I realized that I have so much left to do in my life and so much to live for. I have one niece and two nephews that I love and want to be there for every moment. You can say that I have had one hell of life with my ups and downs. I turned to making a blog and starting my business. Anyway, that is enough about me! I will tell you more about my business in a later post! Keep in touch!

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