Top 10 Favorite TV Series

10. Criminal Minds


I have come to love this show from the very beginning to now. The suspense that the show gives you is something else. With each episode you learn a little bit more about how profilers work and solve each case. What I really love is at the very end of each episode one of the characters say a powerful quote that will sum up the episode. If you have not seen this show, I promise that it will make you feel like an amazing profiler.



With this show, you might need the stomach for certain parts. It is also a very suspenseful show. With each episode, they are more likely to have a second episode to finish off the previous one. Each character will also most likely become apart of the show and the case that they are working on. You begin to love and feel for each of the characters within the show. I will say that I have thought about changing my career path many times because of this show. It is such a great watch if you like investigation shows!

8. Law & Order SVU


Now this show is my all time favorite crime/investigation show! You can never go wrong with Olivia and Stabler. Their partnership is an undying partnership and it is to die for. The main thing that I love about this show is that each episode is completely different and the crime stays up to date with the crime in real life. If you are not into NCIS or Criminal Minds then Law & Order SVU is in fact the show for you!

7. Supernatural


           Moving on to a different genre of tv series, this is my all time favorite monster fighting show. (I really did not know how to put it.) Not only do you get your monster fix, but you also get the Winchester brothers! This brother duo is one of the most unique bonds I have ever seen. If you like comedy as well as some ass kicking, then this is definitely the s show for you!

6. Shameless


            This show, I am a fairly new watcher. I did become hooked to this after the first episode. The reason I really got into the show is because of the characters. With the father being an alcoholic as well as a drug addict. It’s really just crazy to see a father of 6 kids be and how his decisions make an impact on his children’s life. I will let you know that this show is no family show. lol With sex, drugs, alcohol, and crime. I will give the show some props for taking addiction and mental illness to a whole new level and showing each in a different way. I promise that you will get hooked to this show like I did.

5. Wentworth


              The first thing I will say about Wentworth is that it is nothing like Orange is the New Black. It is ten times better.. This show is an Australian show, so there is no sugar-coating the prison system. It is set in a women’s prison, these women ar far more dangerous than anything else. The guards in this show have a huge part in this show as well. It shows how the guards will do what they can to better off themselves or other officers. As far as the characters in this show, are more likely to change with each episode. If one character goes, that changes the entire aspect of the show and puts a new twist in the show. You will fall in love with the characters and begin to pick sides while watching this show.

4. Vikings


              Now if you are into Game of Thrones then you are going to love Vikings. This show has a mix of amazing characters as well as amazing battles throughout the show. What caught my eye about this show, was really the guys in it. Although, just like Game of Thrones, this show also has a lot of sex and, however it is not as crazy. The main difference between Game of Thrones and Vikings is that in Vikings there is no one looking to sit in a throne to rule all Vikings. There is just a bunch of battles wars and sword fighting.

3. The Office


             Of course The Office is in my top three tv shows! With being a drama nerd in school I love improv. With the off script dialogue and hilarious jokes you will fall in love with this show. I will tell you off the bat that Dwight will in fact be your favorite character along with Jim and Pam, and of course Michael. With watching this show, you will want a love like Jim and Pam, as well as a friendship like Michael and Dwight. This show will make you want to find a job like Dunder Mifflin and find that office family that we are always looking for.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S


             To start this show off, I will tell you that this show is my all time favorite. I grew up watching this show for as long as I can remember. All the characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are very simple and are based off average 20 year olds living in the city. No matter how many time you watch this show, you will find yourself laughing and crying. Most of the episodes are very iconic and to this day people still use the phrases. You will start to see yourself in each character and see how character grows through all tens seasons (yes, there are ten wonderful seasons). This show will make you want to have 5 other close friends to share your life with. There are numerous amounts of lessons in here; but in the end you will fall in love with the show!

1. Game of Thrones


Finally on to my number one favorite show, Game of Thrones! There are oh so many reasons you need to watch this show if you aren’t already. For all you women out there, the boys are oh so amazing! Also for the girls, The women are also good-looking! You will truly find yourself falling in love with the characters in the beginning of the show. You will have your favorite House, favorite lord, grace, and so much more! I cannot wait to finish off the seventh season already! I promise you that this show will in fact keep you on your toes as well as get you a bit emotional. If you are anything like me while I am watching this, you will become attached and cry at some parts. Hey, sometimes you might find yourself yelling at the tv in hopes that the characters hear you so you can help them. This show will be your favorite from the very beginning.


Christmas Face Masks


Who doesn’t love trying out new face masks, am I right? This Christmas, I got 13 masks. (2 are not in the picture because I used them last night.) Each mask does something different. This post is more about the two masks that I used last night.

The first thing I used was the Tony Moly 3 Step Strawberry Nose Strips.img_2072

Each step does something different, The first step actually opens up your pores. With this step the strip is actually cold and you leave it on for about 20 minutes. In this 20 minutes I could feel it working immediately. For me, I could feel a tingling on my nose for about 5 minutes and then my nose just became cold. The strip kind of dries in this 20 minutes, which is how I could tell it was time to take the strip off and go on to Step 2. With the second step it is supposed to pull the blackheads out. You are supposed to wet your nose area and place the strip directly onto your nose. You keep this strip on for about 15 minutes, or until the strip is completely dry. Once it dries you start at the edges and peel it off slowly. Then, you are onto Step 3, with this step it actually is meant to close up your pores. This step was a little bit tricky for me, but I got it. The strip is pretty slimy so do not be surprised when you touch it. You are supposed to keep this strip on for about 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes is up, you just take the strip off and pat the excess product into the skin around the nose to make sure that your skin absorbs the solution. In the end, This products really works. I have problem skin around and on my nose so this of course was going to be my first trial. What would I rate this product ? I would give this a 10/10 for sure. Yes, there are three steps to this, but the end result was amazing and I will definitely buy this product again.

The second product that I used was the Animal Lion Revitalizing Mask Sheet.2301071

This mask was actually really fun! It is a sheet mask so the eyes and mouth are cut our for you. You simply place the mask on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. I did think that it was hard to keep this mask in place, because it was also very slimy and was starting to slide down my face little by little. This mask is supposed to keep your face soft and hydrated. After the 20 minute were up, you are suppose to take the mask off and massage the excess product into your skin all over your face. Is was a little bit sticky at first, but the end result was amazing and my skin has never felt so soft. For this product, I would give it a 10/10 as well. It was a fun mask to try and the end result was amazing. I will be buying this ask again as well as giving away as gifts!

What are some products that I should try out? What are some of the things that you got for Christmas? Let me know! For now, Thanks for seeing things through my eyes! -V


Who’s V Anyway?!

Just like reading a book every story has an introduction. People are the same way, each of us have our own intro and story. My story is pretty simple. I was born in a big city and moved to Galveston island at the age of 13. From that move I actually got into a bit of trouble. Wanting to get away and move back to what I thought was home, after graduation high school I realized that my home was in fact the Island.I grew up with friends that I would not trade for the world. Having moved back into the city and starting college I realized that Having too much fun catches up to you fast. When I was 19 I starting going
img_1606-1 to bars and getting drunk, and I thought that I was on top of the world and nothing could stop me.So, I continued to do what I was doing till I turned 21. About two months after my 21st birthday my life took a dramatic turn. I went out with a friend and took a drink from someone I did not know (I NEVER do that.) and I after that drink… The next thing I can tell you (that I can remember) is waking up to a knocking on my car window. (I hit a pole, and it should have come down onto me. I should not have made it out alive.) A cop was getting me out of my car and into handcuffs. I was in jail until I was able to get out on bail. In the end I had a year of probation and community service hours. I realized that I have so much left to do in my life and so much to live for. I have one niece and two nephews that I love and want to be there for every moment. You can say that I have had one hell of life with my ups and downs. I turned to making a blog and starting my business. Anyway, that is enough about me! I will tell you more about my business in a later post! Keep in touch!


Cover Artists


This is just a little playlist of covers that I fell in love with. Conor Maynard is one of my top 10 cover artists. Music is a big part of my life. It is like an escape to a better time. Each song in music is like a story that is being told about a person’s life. With covers, that fact that each cover artist puts a little bit of themselves in the song makes a dramatic difference and, most of the time the songs get a little bit better. Not to step on anyone’s toes, but I tend to like the covers over the original. The time and effort that goes into just making one song is incredible, and the outcome is amazing. That is with the original songs too! With so much talent in the world it is so hard to listen to it all. I will get into my Top 10 in a later post, but I want to know who is on your Top 10 Cover Artist list?! I want to give your list a try to see if I might have to change my list, but for now that is enough about music! See you guys soon!